Homeschool High School HELPS: records, transcripts, planners…

I panicked about homeschooling. Is it going to work? Can I do this? Are they going to miss out on things?  We LOVE it.

Then High School. Is it just me or did the panic, and re-evaluation start all over again. Yes, I think I want to homeschool High School but grades? transcripts? High-School level Can I do this?  yes. you can!

I LOVE Facebook for the support I can find from other moms and bloggers! My favorite High School support outside of my local group is It’s Not That  Hard to Homeschool High School. check it out.

Now, if you are a record keeper, love all the fancy apps and programs that keep track…if you have a grade book. This is probably not the resource you are looking for. I’m simple. Laid back. not quite un-schooling but eclectic and a little delight-directed. Here are my helps.

Grading Out-of-the Box (High) School – this is my grading system along with how I arrived there so you can follow a path to your own system.

Homeschooling High School doesn’t have to look a world different from what you’ve been doing. It doesn’t have to be hard or terrifying. Here is my post “Homeschooling High School has to be different how?”

I intended to share my ideas on transcripts and as I began writing it I found that my foundation was Record Keeping

and here is my transcript page.


Just for easy reference- here are other homeschool helps posts:

If you are interested in my curricula

or how I schedule/my planner! check these out.

I’ve found a number of digital resources I’ve collected over time from blog posts have been helpful.

and Homeschool Lessons I’ve Learned the Hard Way 😉

and a graph?  help in planning- how much can we do?