Art! a creative guide

Many homeschoolers feel uneasy about teaching art. Is it a gift some possess and some do not? What is the difference between art and crafts? I can read from a book and teach and learn with my children but how do I guide them through art lessons when I do not enjoy drawing myself?

I enjoyed art in my school days. While I think I’ve always had a creative side, I truly believe it was the philosophy of teaching my art teacher used that brought it out in me and in many, many kids she taught. I think this in part because of my experience and part because many graduates from her classes went on to study art beyond high school.

Her philosophy was something like this: Art is learning to use your right brain- your creative side. In many cases you would need to learn to ‘turn off’ or ‘take out’ your left brain or logic side to allow that creativity to develop and shine. She would take us through a series of exercises to help bring that out. The book ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the brain’ by Betty Edwards has a very similar philosophy. So does

I’ve better detailed some of that in my post Art! drawing 1

In Art! drawing 2– I’ve used pinterest links, blogs and art lesson links as the lessons ideas. They follow this ideas of the philosophy I’ve talked about here.

It is not necessary to do every activity, or to follow it in any strict manor, but to follow the ideas that art helpful, fun or help to learn a new idea. I’ve offered different links and ideas to help you find something to inspire YOU.

Up until now with Art! drawing 1 and 2 I’ve focused ideas on learning to open up your right brain and SEE to draw. You will not need anything more than a pencil and paper- but that doesn’t mean you are limited to only that- but that it gives you focus to do so.

Art! color is where I’ve put together lessons in color theory and you can begin to add color to your drawing.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I’d love to hear them! I cherish your comments.