Let the Lord Lead.

I panicked. High School? How do you keep track? How do I issue a diploma? How will I grade? WHAT IS A TRANSCRIPT?!?!?!

I went to homeschool seminars. I quizzed my friends. I read. It all helped! But I was panicked. Then I remembered the Lord called me to do this and He will equip me to continue.


Feel better? Here is the deal: Homeschool works because parents have their kids best interests in mind. always. They know their child’s strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else. God has always called on people that felt less than perfect for the job He knew they were perfect for. You can do this.

A friend once told me a story about her husband who’s job has moved them around the country. She told him ‘I will follow you to the ends of the Earth, but I’ll be praying the whole time that the Lord is leading us there.” and it struck me. This is what I want for my kids!

This I vow. I will help you and support your and guide you as best I can in the best direction we can manage ALWAYS praying that the Lord is leading you there.

My oldest is a terrible student. She doesn’t stay on task. Ever. And yet on her own task she is UNSTOPPABLE. She wanted to sing on a stage- at a State event, accomplish a difficult Extemporaneous Speech, be in a play, play in a national band… those things seemed impossible when she told me. This is the kid that can’t find her pencil to finish begin her math. But she did all of those things. (and not with my help.) Do you follow me? terrible student- and unstoppable. ** Some of us follow God easily I guess. Me? I like to do it kicking and screaming until I finally say ‘oh! that is what You wanted! me too!’ :/

This girl- she scored OK on the ACT. It was enough. not good- but enough. After what I’ve told you- Do you think the ACT tested her on her gifts?? I didn’t think so either. God has a plan for her. I stopped fighting Him and her and I support the things she loves- AND make sure she has a grasp on the basics- the core subjects one needs to know. I think that is OK. She chose community college and is doing very well…. and trying to begin a new club. whew. this kid.

I vow to support you on YOUR path. Always praying God is leading you there.

Aristotle (some credit Socrates- either way….;) ) said “Education is the kindling of a fire, not the filling a vessel”. That is powerful. Prepare them to love to learn- they can find a way to learn it. If you fill a vessel there will always be things that didn’t fit.

Einstein said “Imagination is more important that knowledge” teach them to find a way. develop a way. Ignite a passion, a curiosity to learn.

Okay none of that is easy BUT knowing that your job is shepherding your child and creating an environment of learning- not making sure you fill a vessel-well, it’s very freeing.

I try to pick things in their interest. I pick things that challenge their weaknesses. I remind them “I’m on your side. always and forever.” I try to find a way to cover all the basics. I try to challenge them. And I try to follow their lead. Only the Lord knows where we are going.

I’ve begun crafting and tailoring studies to each child. That is what this blog is all about. 1) a way to store and keep it and 2) to share and hopefully inspire other parents to create their own homeschool- tailor it to your home, child, future….

I’ll do my best to support them, inspire them, encourage them, challenge them and push them, praying the whole way for God to lead the way.




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