World Geography & a History of Cartography

A homeschool dad in our group once did a few history lessons. He used a chalk board. I attended and meticulously drew out the map he had on the board as I took notes. Then I watched in amazement as he erased the map, outlined some notes then erased and drew out the entire Holy Land map again. WOW! How do you learn that?

After that, this became a new homeschool goal. For the youngers- well, we begin early. I read most of our history aloud as a family. We discuss, watch movies and we journal I often have them draw out the region we are studying. My 10 year old’s map of Asia looks like a Volkswagen Bug but she can show you where China, India, Vietnam, Korea and Japan are. I’m OK with that 😉

We study a four year plan, but as my olders reached high school, they asked for their own material to study. This kid did Notgrass World History, followed by Notgrass U.S. History. As we headed into his Junior year, I wondered what else will we study? After all, we studied the 4 year cycle on repeat and always learned new things. There is always more history to learn. And we’ve enjoyed it. He enjoyed it. I like to stick to the core subjects. There is a reason they are core. So, what to study?? In truth I knew we could easily study more world history but I’d need to call it something else- he wasn’t going to ‘repeat’ and I didn’t want his transcript to appear that way either (who can study all of world history in one school year?!? 😉 )

I found this Ellen J McHenry’s Mapping the World with Art. We’ve used a number of her science books and really enjoyed them. THIS was how I wanted to attain the goal of being able to draw maps from memory- at least a rough idea, right?  The trouble was the name! My son does not enjoy art. This could definitely be an art course. But, as I’ve said, I wanted him to have general understanding of where everything is, not necessarily an accurate cartographer. So we settled on the book- loosely drawing it out and no DVDs.

Then I began to look for other books to fill in- If you haven’t followed DS’s studies before, He enjoys reading an digesting piles of interesting information. We discuss the orally and debate often. He loves logic and critical thinking but not busy work. So, we search for interesting reading to learn and digest more.

Now, what to call it? While I’ve not decided for certain yet, I’ve settled on World Geography and history of Cartography because I thought world geography was really only a semester course usually? I had more material I thought was valuable and really covered the span of map making and discovery. full year- 36 weeks. We study a 4 day week. I grade on content and diligence.

*I make no guarantees of content, grade level, benchmarks or anything else.

*There are no affiliate links. I do not own anything including this site. Links are provided for your convenience only.

Longitude by Dava Sobel

Benjamin Banniker by Weatherly Compass Point Books **he surveyed Washing D. C. so this seemed like a good time to study him 😉

Mapping the World with Art by Ellen J McHenry

Maphead by Ken Jennings (this has about 4 objectionable words/phrases/content stories, but as a high school junior I decided interest in learning and being able to navigate objectionable content were both in line with what we needed 😉 )

Where am I by A.G.Smith **truly this has the same content as Ellen J McHenry’s book, but it is presented differently. I sometimes enjoy covering these on repeat because we do not test on the information so this allows him to file it one more time. This stuff was interesting, and well presented int he book, so I assigned both.

Where on Earth am I? **this could be used for a truly incredible math supplement! It shows, for starters, how to use the equation used by Ancient Greece to calculate the diameter of the Earth! We just did the reading with the equations given as examples

Stories of American Discoverers for Little Americans by Rose Lucia this is a book I found at a local homeschool book sale and I really like it. My searches seem to indicate it is a free download. try here or here.

** Haha. It appears that when I wrote this schedule I was still undetermined whether I would make this a one semester or two. As we head into 3nd semester I’m grateful my attention has been drawn to this because I didn’t fully schedule the 2nd semester. I am adding it here and hoping to complete and come back and fix. The books are sort of mapped out- just divide the pages and this can be followed.  some days are more successful than others I suppose 😉

this is my slightly incomplete schedule 😉 world-geography-and-history-of-cartography-36-week-school-planner-single-subject-schedule




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