CIVICS! Justice, Constitution-Our 2nd Semester of U.S. Government

I’m still struggling with the name of this course as you can see.  We’ve had one year of U.S. Government– a good baseline. (no previous requirements for this course though!)  But I wanted a more in-depth study of the Constitution. In the end this turned out to be more of how the idea of America was so very different and why it is special. Also on the role of the justice system and the branches. I think I’ll call it Civics. 😉

I have designed this for DS. He seems to prefer to read and soak up information. He is best tested orally as he really enjoys a debate. I’ve tried to make sure he has the ability to write. He does. After that, I think the critical thinking of information AND willingness to learn is more important than how it is tested. He and I have a lot of debates and discussions. I enjoy that time with him almost as much as he enjoys the freedom to digest it and not be tested and quizzed on it. So, that is how we do it. I grade 80% on completion of the material and 20% on attitude, neatness, and diligence. I feel confident (or as confident as any of us are I think) that he is prepared for HIS path

*My homeschool philosophy is something like this:

I’ll do my best support, guide and prepare you for wherever you are going and praying the whole way that God is leading you there.

By fourteen or so my children- so far- have shown strengths and weaknesses,  preferred methods of studying and learning, and a bent toward some subjects more than others. While I believe in (and demand)  a well rounded education, I also believe that as a homeschooler, I can tailor that learning to their own unique style. I try to do that.

The 5000 year leap by Skousen

Whatever happened to Justice by Richard Maybury

Judge for yourself by Suzanne Barchers (reader’s theater)

The Cabinet by Barbara Silberdick Feinberg

The story of the Powers of the Supreme Court by R.Conrad stein (Cornerstones of Freedom)

Supreme Court by Richard B Bernstein and Jerome Agel

Alternate or Additional Resources: I seem to have gotten into the habit picking out an buying books for a course I want to build… so much so I seem to over buy and then find I can’t fit it all in 😉  Options are good, right 🙂

Understanding the Times by David Noebel.

American Heritage Series DVD’s from David Barton

*there are no affiliate links. I do not own anything including this site. Links are provided for your convenience only

*I make no promises of content, grade level, benchmarks or anything else. I have made these decisions for my children as their mother and teacher and will be glad to answer for that. 😉 (that is what we do, right?)

Here is the schedule we used. 18 weeks.civics-18-week-school-planner-single-subject-schedule



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