Chemistry- High School

I began writing my own homeschool because of Science. I know Apologia is good and well liked and great college prep- but the simple fact is my kids had a strong distaste for it. It wasn’t working! I researched a lot to prepare something for Biology. I found inspiration to write my own at I hope I can provide inspiration to you to tailor your homeschool to your own taste. It has made my home and school a happier place.

This is our study of Chemistry.


The Elements by Ellen J McHenry

Carbon Chemistry by Ellen J McHenry

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments *FREE

Friendly Chemistry *this is it’s own course! My older daughter used JUST this curriculum. I like it. THIS KID would be bored with it. I scheduled it faster and added in other things.

Marie Curie’s search for Radium *this one is pretty basic but a good read

Louis Pasteur by John Hudson Tiner

Exploring the World of Chemistry by John Hudson Tiner * I believe Master Books calls this 1 semester of High School credit.

Chilled by Tom Jackson * there were a number of books like this I wanted to add in but there just didn’t seem to be room and this is the one my kiddo chose.

**Alternates: I collected more than I could fit in :p

Chemistry 101 – I absolutely love this series. Weirdly enough, THIS KID, is annoyed by watching lessons. He’d prefer to read them. I *think* it has a lot to do with the fact that he is such a fast reader. He can get through his reading much faster without ‘waiting’ on the teacher. I would ABSOLUTELY use this for any of my other children. (In fact I sneaked  in a few on this one- I just couldn’t do it all so I did not include it here.) It’s worth it.

The Invention of Air


Men of Science , Men of God

Elements of Faith

Oxygen is not Air

The Mystery of the Periodic Table ** this is a FAVORITE in our house but we read it in middle school in their NOEO science– our introduction to schooling with living books and a four day schedule

My schedule: chemistry-36-week-school-planner-single-subject-schedule

LAB- I don’t really include a lab here (there is some in the books and can easily be added in, but I didn’t leave much room in the schedule here) because 1) He did the Thames and Kosmos Chem2000 lab in 8th grade so a lot would be repeat. I do feel that the Golden Book and the previous lab experience is enough to credit him with the lab work, however since we didn’t do it this year I do not plan to add that to his transcript unless it is needed when he applies to college. So far, the Lord has provided exactly the opportunities we’ve needed with His perfect timing. So, if we need it I think it will work out. (Example- DD1 did Apologia Biology and it involved a lot of tears! I began writing my own after that- because of that. In that process she developed a STRONG distaste for Biology however 1) she had completed a solid semester- with the tears 2) we moved on to some origins studies 2nd semester 3) she is an involved cattle farmer and therefore learns about animals and biology there and 4) our homeschool convention that summer had an all day dissection lab THEN we studied Anatomy and Physiology her senior year. I feel we covered it. Just not very traditionally. I’m ok with non-traditional schooling 😉 )

I grade– 80% completion of the assigned work (lets face it, sometimes the timing or the material isn’t going to work out. almost all of it does. if it is a specific book he is struggling with, I switch it for one of the alternates. He completes I’d say 95% of what is assigned. I’m OK with that- just don’t tell him 😉 ) 20% diligence, neatness, attitude. (when these things are in line the learning is EASY. honest)

If you want to see how we work a 4 day schedule, the planner I create, our record keeping and my transcript page you can follow the links. You can also check out other courses I’ve put together for my kiddos here.

*I make no claims of age/grade level or credit or anything like that. We did this in 11th grade.

**I do not own anything including this page so any links provided are simply for your convenience. I will not earn any money for them.

UGH! I am finding that *this guy* is bored with this study 😦 I am searching for materials to change up ‘Friendly Chemistry’ if needed. (he feels like he has covered all of this before. Not sure if that means we’ve already read the good stuff, or I missed the big stuff. (fret, fret) but am hunting other resources- and yet NOT ready to alter this schedule any…. so If you wish to explore more titles I’ve found a great list here

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