Economics- a study of Capitalism for High School

This is a list of great resources on Economics and Capitalism. You could create a semester out of one or a couple of these easy enough. I find that each kid is different and this one likes to read and devour information- then later talk it over and debate. So that is how this is arranged. I encourage you to tailor it to your child too. Use this as I have it (download my schedule below) or use it as a springboard to create what will work for you. I collected more resources than I could schedule in, so alternates are listed too.

Simply Put: A Study in Economics  * I’ve followed for years collecting free downloads. As I was ready to hit ‘checkout’ with this book, I thought to check my files. There it was, filed away on my laptop. I was able to print it out. So, with some searching I imagine you can find this as a free download- unless it was a once upon a time special. anyway, worth a look. There is a student and a teacher edition. I do not believe we used the teacher’s book. It has more hands on activities I may use for my younger high schooler when she is ready- but this one prefers to read, so I assigned the reading in the student edition.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism by Robert Murphy 

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy by Richard Maybury

The Money Mystery by Richard Maybury

A Bluestocking guide to Economics *I intended to use this to supplement Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, but as I began to work out a schedule, I found that it was really an additional study. I think it is quite valuable but we did not have time for everything, so I decided that this ‘side by side’ was the busy work and went on to new material. I do not discount its value though so I have listed it here.(an ALTERNATE) I listed it in the schedule to be used on notebooking days.

The History of Money from  * also collected from

The Family as the basis for Political Existence by Fredrick D Wilhelmsen * also collected from

Biblical Economics Today by Gary North * also collected from

Understanding the Times  *excerpts

another good alternate resource – FREE- I did not add it in simply because I could not fit everything- Economics in one lesson by Henry Hazlitt


here is our 4 day schedule:

economics-blog-single-line schedule

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