Fine Arts? Musicals! movie fun. WRITING!! create your own homeschool

Whether you are catering to your child’s (or your) interests, you can create your own homeschool from anything! Fine arts is a big basket. Find something you enjoy to do with it- after all, that is what it was meant for… Or was it? We found ways to explore musicals (like the Broadway shows- but the ones filmed I can watch in my living room with my kids) and any deeper meaning the authors may have wanted to convey. Maybe that is the true work of an artist– what it communicates. See what you find.

I put this together for a friend’s daughter. I like it. Having put it together for a specific child in mind here were the ideas in my head:

  1. She had fallen in love with the musical “Hamilton” and Mom wanted to maximize on that interest. (smart mom!)
  2. She is VERY strong willed and has a very rebellious nature- the writing prompts, I believe can be a good thinking device for anyone, but I designed these questions for her to ARGUE and reflect her ideas and opinions.
  3. Mom had indicated she needed more motivation to write. I think these could easily be papers assigned, but I think the mom I worked with on this planned to use them as journal prompts.
  4. As a rebellious teen, she had already sought some controversial content (RENT) and Mom wanted to concede that- as long as we explore____ we also explore____. We had discussed offering her a list of options, her having veto power of x number so it was designed to have concessions on both sides.
  5. We originally discussed using these in a historical timeline so they were arranged that way, but ultimately we decided on more of a writing program- but they could easily be used alongside a history curriculum as they are (roughly) arranged by time setting.

I had a ton of fun putting this together because I am a big fan of musicals. I focused more on my favorites for two reasons: 1) I could come up with out of the ordinary questions because I was familiar and 2) i owned them on DVD making it easier for my friend to share with her daughter.

Since I’ve put this together, I’ve learned of other moms that looking for a way to cover some fine arts. This, to me, qualifies. So here is what I have:

*Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat- Does adversity mean that God is not with us? How does Joseph’s faith lead him to God’s plan for his life?

Jesus Christ Superstar – Does Judas behave as a Christian? He follows the rules- he repented, asked for forgiveness, gave back the money- why is he lead to suicide? Do you think Jesus forgave him?

The King and I (1956)- What does Mrs Anna do to honor the King’s culture, what does she refuse to do? How does this help or hinder the King’s objective?

*Les Miserables- Who does the justice system work for in this period in time? What have we learned and failed to learn from this justice system?

*1776- Are our forefathers remembered as demi-gods as Franklin suggests in the movie. Do we have a fair image of the men they were?


*The Phantom of the Opera – How can our own ideas and experiences blind us to reality?

*Oklahoma!- How does courting differ from Oklahoma to now? What is better and worse about them?

*Chitty Chitty Bang Bang- How can having an inventive mind help and hinder a families well-being?

*Guys and Dolls- How do Sky’s and Sarah’s view of the Bible differ? Who, in your opinion has a better understand of life’s rules?

*Chicago- Is this a good or bad portrayal of the power of the Press and its role in our justice system? Do you think it is better or worse than today?

*The Music Man – Do you think traveling salesman are able to maintain a respectable image? Why or why not?

*Fiddler on the Roof- Have you ever considered the effect of changing times’ effect on fathers? How does this portrayal of a father’s decisions prove his love for his children? Is it enough to fit into the changing world?

*The Sound of Music- This family’s decision to escape in the face of the Nazi’s takeover is portrayed as heroic. Is this because of our ability to look back on history and see what would happen? Is it because they were successful? How do you think you would know if you were living in such a perilous time? Do you believe you would take the same risk?

South Pacific

*Hairspray- How did the changing music industry affect the Civil Rights Movement in the US? Did it help, hinder or both?

*West Side Story- Why do you think the story of Romeo and Juliet is such a popular and timeless story? How does this modern version approach the idea?


Other musicals – just a list we discussed. I thought I’d share our brainstorming ideas- however slight they were 😉

Not sure where these fall in a time period:

  • *A Chorus Line
  • Singing in the Rain
  • *Wizard of Oz
  • Cabaret
  • Oliver
  • Annie Get your Gun
  • 7 brides for 7 brothers
  • My Fair Lady
  • *Annie
  • Evita
  • Funny Face
  • Funny Girl
  • Rocky Horror
  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • Sweeney Todd
  • Carousel
  • State fair
  • Damn Yankees
  • Gigi
  • *Mary Poppins

NOTES: * were put in for local friends- these are ones I own 😉 I DO NOT guarantee the content of these AT ALL. Use at your own discretion. Some of these I have, indeed, studied with my children. Other I have not! This was designed with a specific audience- not all. Please use your judgement and look up content.




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