Renaissance Art History Study

I’ve longed to find a good art history course. I cannot seem to find what I am looking for, so I’ve begun to put it together myself. No wonder. this is no easy task 😉 I’ve begun smaller than I thought I would- but then again personally I’m quite bored beginning with Egyptian art. I happen to appreciate painting a great deal more.

I don’t put a huge stock in age level or reading level. I choose books for their interest level. This is my idea of fun and interesting things to read- or tailored to my children’s taste- depending. I think we ALL enjoy an easy read now and then as well as challenges. Above all I hope to foster a love of reading and learning and I choose books I find fascinating just as I hope my children will do all their lives. It is my hope that you will be inspired by this make-your-own-way style and change out books to your own liking 😉

This study is only 9 weeks longs as I intend to use it as part of my year 2 history. We do a four day week schedule with notebooking Fridays.

(there are not affiliate links. I don’t even own this site. I just link to Amazon for your convenience) just sharing my ideas. good luck with yours.

The books:

(Who Was) Leonardo Da Vinci? by Roberta Edwards

(Amaze) Amazing Leonardo DaVinci Inventions you can build yourself by Maxine Anderson

(RA) Renaissance Artist who Inspired the world by Gregory Blanch and Roberta Stathis

(LA) Lives of the Artists by Kathleen Krull

Michelangelo by Elizabeth Ripley  * this is an old library book I found- not a specially chosen book really. not a bad book! but used for convenience too.

(UA) The Usborne Book of Art by Rosie Dickins

week 1:

RA intro p 1-17

p 18

UA p 1-13


week 2:

LA p 10

RA p 26

Who was – first 1/2

who was- finish

week 3

Amaze -Intro

perspectograph  & draw

masks, plastic glass and paint

divine proposition & activity

week 4

jokester & invisible ink

monster shield

useful machines and camera

weather and hydrometer

week 5

monkey wrench, water

watershoes, webbed gloves

plight, ornithopter

helicopter, parachute

week 6


war, safety bridge

trebuchet, tank

catch up

week 7 (Michelangelo)

LA p 16

RA p 36

Michelangelo- excerpts

Michelangelo- excerpts

week 8 (Raphael)

RA p 44

Sofonisba Anguissola- LA p 24

RA p 52

Renaissance Spreads RA p 58

week 9

RA p 66

UA p 14,15

LA Rembrandt p 28

Peter Paul Rubens and Van Eyck- online. * I would rather have good printed resources but I have not come across what I am looking for yet. I do think it important to cover these two, be familiar with their names and famous works. Please let me know of great resources to use toward these ends 🙂













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