U.S. Government & Civics RESOURCES

If you’ve been here before you know that I use a lot of living books for all grades but especially High School. I have used some great resources for a U. S. Government Study at www.AmericanHeritage.org and I think that is enough to satisfy a basic requirement for Government, but I wanted to make sure that my kiddos go away with a really solid understanding of Government, Constitution, Founding Fathers, Civic Responsibilities and most of all Natural Law and the Bible’s influence on the framers, the documents and the law. So I have been looking for great resources to solve this end.

I don’t know if you might have a kid like this, but my DS16 will not ‘repeat’ anything. He has studied U.S. Government and American History- so while there is more to study- I’ll have to be more inventive with the name 😉

I plan to work on Economics and then something titled: Constitution Study or Civics or Civic Justice …..working on it.

I will post the book lists and schedule once I have it worked out, but I was SOOOO excited about this great resources list – and I can’t fit them all in. yet. I wanted to share the list with you.

Eclectic Homeschool Online has a GREAT resource list for U.S. Government and Political Science.

I have several in my shopping basket and will need to decide how many I can buy! And, how many I will be able to add to what I already have. :/



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