Isn’t it expensive to buy all those books?

It could be I guess. But, not the way I do it. 😉


I am a thrift shopper. I love to stop by the Goodwill or Salvation Army. Do you know what books cost there? $.98.

I shop Amazon Marketplace, Thrift books, is one of my favorite sites. You’ll find several books in my basket at any given time if you were to look. Often the books I want – are EXACTLY what I’m looking for AND around $3.50 shipped. (and did you know that you can use ebates with abebooks? If you don’t have an account, sign up here )

I love shopping my homeschool convention’s used book sale. I’ve learned over the years that if I seek specific curriculum, I don’t often find it, or I’m not very excited about the price. We pay a lot for that boxed stuff and we want some of that money back. I’ve learned that a ton of homes will be selling their books- living books for $1-$4 each. I can but a lot of them before I reach the used cost of $40 for a (used) boxed curriculum.

I follow Facebook sites with homeschool materials for sale.  They often post of local homeschool group sales. I shop the books the library is discarding.

I BORROW!! from friends. from the library. “Hey, I’m looking at economics for next year. Do you have any resources on that? Will you be using them next year?….”

I follow homeschool mom blogs! They offer reviews! They offer printables! They offer lesson plans and ideas!  I follow them on Facebook. (Okay I spend way too much time checking out what they post next but I glean some amazing ideas!) which is why I offer a Facebook page to follow me here!

I love looking up sites that use living books because they’ve found books they love to share. I can look for those specifically. I love just shopping through a garage sale or thrift store because everyone has a few great books. I collect them. I find that over time- either I’ve been seeking science or biology or ancient Egypt or whatever has been on my mind and I will soon have enough resources to assign them to my kiddos. has great book lists.

Tapestry of Grace and Sonlight has great book lists!

Eva Varga has some neat resources available for free and for purchase.

used curriculum can be found at

has free resources and links every day of the school year. I found that some books I’d downloaded years ago were the exact books I had in my Amazon shopping cart! Woo hoo!!!


Please check out my living books curricula, or check out my post on how to write your own.

share your ideas with me!








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