living books curricula

I’ve learned that my kids enjoy living books more than textbooks, so I decided to work with that. Below is just books I assembled to make my own course, I organized into a schedule, and this is the schedule wrote for each class. I hope you can use it or it will inspire you to use your own set of living books!



Biology– We used this for High School. 10th grade. Includes lab activities.

Forensic Science with Lab– We used this for 7th grade.

Human Anatomy and Physiology – I used for 12th grade- but this was my non-science kid.

High School Chemistry – in the works

Agriscience, Ag Literacy, Agronomy (Soil) and Animal Science – lot of resources for a study or to enhance another course- Ag Literacy Resources


Language Arts:

Introduction to Poetry– this was a read aloud I did with my 4th and 7th graders.


Social Studies:

How to choose a spine to create your own History  this is a read aloud I do with the whole gang. I’ve found that my High Schoolers – so far- choose to do something on their own. This is a chronological history study.

U.S. Governement – We used this for High School. This uses mostly FREE resources.

I’m also working on more government/economics/constitution/justice studies and I shared a book list I found.


Introduction to Philosophy – we used this in High School.


Music Appreciation – I did this as a read aloud to my fourth grader, but I may assign this to my middle school and high school students. It was great fun and a ton of great information about all kinds of music and composers. From Psalms to Classical Composers to a History of American Music.

Art! Drawing 1 – Drawing is learning to use your right brain- your creative side. Have you been asked to think outside the box? learn to quiet your left brain enough to find out what your creative ideas are 😉

Art! Drawing2– After learning to ‘see’ in Drawing 1, here are some exercises to help you put 3D objects on paper. This uses many Pinterest links.

Art! Color– color theory and using color to enhance your drawings and projects.

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