Planning for next year- How do I decide?

I can shop for curriculum endlessly! I can shop until I am overwhelmed. I need to balance enough with STOP! we can’t do EVERYTHING!

This is how I shake it all out:

It’s just a list of ideas! This is how I sort my ideas. It doesn’t mean we’ll do all of this, and it doesn’t mean we’ll use this but at this point- this is what I’m thinking. If I change my mind, I write it down. If I purchase it maybe I’ll circle it or color code it red. It’s just a visual. A map- where I can see holes!

choosing for next year1

Lots of things still need curriculum or book choices. Many need adjusting. I will normally go to my local homeschool conference with this in my pocket. I normally circle the things I’ve decide on (at least at that point) that I need to buy, or check off ones I already own.

This allows me to see what ideas I had, which curriculum I might be leaning toward, room to make notes and adjust, and room to see if I have TOO much. Planning a class and choosing a curriculum seems so much easier when I have a map. šŸ™‚

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