How to Write your Own Schedule using Living Books

(1) Collect books!

I love to shop for books. I always find something interesting- look a book on cells, look this is a classic, this is a great way to view what is inside the body… you get the idea. I found that I had collected a lot of these books but my kids weren’t reading them. There were assigned ‘school’ and they didn’t want to do more than they HAD TO. I could find ways to stick it in once in awhile but in the end I found that I had GREAT books going unused on my shelf.

I love to thrift shop. I buy my clothes second-hand. My kitchen utensils, my furniture…. books too! Have you noticed at the homeschool book sales that there isn’t always a lot of ‘curriculum’ for sale but a lot of books? Homeschool  moms love to shop for books. I’m not alone here 😉

(2) group your books/choose a class or interest.

I wanted my son to take tenth grade Biology…. (this is the long story, skip ahead if you want the short one)… He had done Apologia Physical Science. He didn’t like it. It made science a chore for him. I looked at PAC and I loved the books but I found that it wasn’t affordable- none available used (or very few, or no bargains at least) and then after I used up the workbooks- it would be worth little to resell. I could use and not mark in the books- but still- very few people even knew what it was. It didn’t seem to hold a value.

I looked at Shepherd Science. I liked it. My son did not.

Online classes were not available to us with rural internet.

My Son said ‘can’t you just write something?’ blink, blink…..yes I suppose I can. (Haven’t I been collecting all of those great books on cells, inside of the body….) I began to research…

(3) Research

After choosing a subject, I hop on the internet.

“biology books for high school”

“high school biology requirements”

“Ellen J McHenry Cells book syllabus schedule unit study homeschool”

are you getting the idea?

I found and found that she had already done what I wanted to. Use this research! (1) yes this is what I want- use it or (2) I like this, this and this, don’t want this, this and this- take notes.

check another textbook. anything. borrow one. see if there is anything that looks important you haven’t included.

start making a list of researched books, and the ones you have. read reviews on Amazon- the bad reviews. not the good ones. put books in your cart.

(4) make an activity Binder

*this is optional for sure.

I had followed links in my ‘research’ section that I wanted to keep. some I put in a pinterest folder…others I just printed the hands on activity on the spot.

I researched activities on Pinterest and made a ‘biology’ folder. I printed some ideas from there.

I made a binder with printed/printable activities. It really is terribly unorganized but when the kids found ‘binder activity’ in their schedules- they’d ask!

(5) choose a spine and make a schedule!

first step in this is choosing a spine. now this can be a timeline or it can be a book. For Biology I used the Biology 101 DVD- in order of creation.

  1. plants

I have Ellen J McHenry’s book on Botany. now determine how much can your child handle in a day and schedule it. ch 1, ch 2, activity…. and so on.



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