Forensic Science with lab

My 7th grader enjoyed this. This is scheduled for just a little less than an 18 week semester- 14 weeks. She studied an Agriscience textbook we used an older edition of this textbook for the first half of the year and this after that was finished. It seemed too slow to study that book all year, but too much to cram into one semester too, so this was my solution.


(proj) Detective Science by Jim Wiese

(CD) DK Eyewitness books: Crime and Detection by Brian Lane

(Pieces) Forensic Science: Putting the Pieces Together by M. Langley Biegert

(cells) National Geographic Reading Expeditions: Life Science: Looking at Cells by Rebecca L. Johnson (when searching for this one on Amazon, I only found this 6-pack and cannot tell what the other books are. I purchased this one used.)

(fingerprints) Fingerprints and Talking Bones: How Real-Life Crimes Are Solved by Charlotte Foltz Jones

Introduction to Forensics by Farm School Iowa downloadable schedule 14 weeks

lab supplies for this in general: she asked for a microscope for her birthday one year so that is available for this study. I know one lab requires super glue, tin foil and a jar or container to seal it in (we used a canning jar and lid), one required we each run our fingers through our hair and give a strand of hair to my young scientist, one lab required ink to make fingerprints (which we couldn’t find so we used paint) most of the labs do not require too much, but if requested, I can make a list of needed supplies here.

however, some are more complicated. One made a plaster cast of a print in the ground (we talked about and explored using playdoh to make an simple cast to look at) and one lab required a tape recorder, speaker and wire. We did not accomplish that one. When we encounter this we look on youtube and sometimes find that we can watch someone else do this lab.









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