Music Appreciation

This is a MUSIC APPRECIATION class – Still in Progress! The goal was to use our together reading time while the olders were off doing their chores. I used some books we had, and did a youtube search almost daily to supplement and listen to music. Here is what we used. (my plan for the second half is only an outline so if you have any ideas of great resources let me know!) I schedule 4 days a week to allow for any field trips, tough days, room to catch up, room to chase ideas down rabbit holes, and room for days we all need to help on the farm. We almost always school 5 days a week but this schedule leaves us room to wiggle as needed. Fridays are listed as catch up and notebooking days. This course may be a bit more loosely scheduled yet as it depended on how long we had to read together until siblings got back in from feeding the animals.

Music Appreciation:

(FC) A Child’s Book of Famous Composers by Gladys Burch and John Wolcott

(CD)The Story of the Orchestra by Robert Levine (Honestly, I didn’t really use this book, but I had it and it came with a CD with a ton of music on it so the # listed are from this CD and it is just as easy to look them up on youtube!)

(LM) Lives of the Musicians by Kathleen Krull

(Opera) The Barefoot Book of Stories from the Opera by Shahrukh Husain

Pirates of Penzance (DVD, youtube, netflix….)


Week 1: Psalms study. – Okay so I found some information somewhere when I followed a link and I printed it. It doesn’t say the webstie and I can’t locate it again. If you borrow it, you get it too….otherwise I guess it is a one week study on your own good luck 😉 Google turned up some interesting ideas 😉

and define Polyphony, Monophony, Homophony and Monody

week 2:  Baroque Period

Bach LM starts on p 14 CD #3,#19,#35

Vivaldi LM p 10 CD #2

Handel FC p 29

week 3:

Mozart LM p 18,CD #22,27

FC p 45 , Opera p 15

Beethoven LM p 24 CD #6,7,36

FC p 55

week 4:

Chopin LM p30 (youtube a muzurka, polonaise – polish styles )

FC p 81 (youtube a concerto, rondo, nocturne,waltz)

Verdi LM p 36

FC p 115

Week 5:

Brahams LM p 48

FC p 131 CD #27

Tchaikovdky LM p 54 CD #13,20,34

week 6: Romantic Period

Rossini CD #16, Opera p 49

Schumann FC p 89

Mendelssohn FC p73

week 7: Opera

Gluck FC p29 CD #18

Opera p 59

Wagner FC p105

Opera p 39

week 8 Gilbert & Sullivan LM p 58, watch Pirates of Penzance

Week 9 Modern Period

Foster FC p123

Joplin LM p66

Gershwin LM 86

DeBussy FC p167 CD #11

Woody Guthrie LM p 91

week 10: American Big Band

(still in progress from here on)

Louis Armstrong

Duke Ellington

Lawrence Welk


John Phillip Sousa


Meridith Wilson

Rogers & Hammerstein

History of Rock & Roll ( I have a book- need to finish the part 😉 )






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