Introduction to Poetry

I have begun using more living books and writing the curriculum myself.  This is an Intro to Poetry I did with my 4th and 7th grader together. We just added a few minutes on to our read aloud time and a writing poetry assignment on Fridays.

Books: (these happen to all be from Scholastic)

Poetry for Young People: Walt Whitman (WW)

Poetry for Young People: Carl Sandburg (CS)

Poetry for Young People: Lewis Carroll (LC)

Poetry for Young People: Robert Frost (RF)

Poetry for Young People: American Poetry (AM)

Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson (ED)

Writing Funny bone Poems (rated grades 3-6) (WRITE)


I scheduled this for us to use in a semester. 18 weeks. We schedule school 4 days a week. Fridays are catch-up days, notebooking and following interests, or catch up day in case we have been busy with chores & other farm work, field trips or any other activities. I scheduled writing on Fridays but we did not always get the writing part done (there is wiggle room built in for that too)


Introduction to Poetry downloadable schedule

4 days read poems, Friday writing assignments
Week 1 WW Intro, 2 poem a day WRITE introduction
Week 2 WW 2 a day  WRITE Riddle Poems
Week 3 WW 2 a day +1  (Catch up)
Week 4 CS   Intro, 3 poem a day WRITE Chants and street rhymes
Week 5 CS  3 a day +1 WRITE  Two-liners
Week 6 CS  3 a day+1  (Catch up)
Week 7 LC  Intro, 2 poem a day  WRITE Brat Poems
Week 8 LC   2 a day +1  WRITE Senryu
Week 9 LC  2 a day +1  (Catch up)
Week 10 RF  Intro, 3 poem a day  WRITE Epitaphs
Week 11 RF  3 a day  WRITE Limericks
Week 12 RF  3 a day +1  (Catch-Up)
Week 13  AM Intro, 3 poem a day WRITE “I Spy”
Week 14 AM 3 a day  WRITE “Can you Imagine”
Week 15 AM 3 a day +1  (Catch-up)
Week 16 ED Intro, 3 a day +1  WRITE “I’d rather be…”
Week 17 ED 3 a day +1  WRITE Parodies
Week 18 ED  3 a day +1  (Catch-up)







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