Introduction to Philosophy

This is something I put together for my tenth grade boy. I happened across some books I thought would be interesting to him and I made a class out of it. (We called it Intro to Philosophy- you may want to call it something else) These are generally science based. Creation Science compared to Evolution in a Christian World View. This went well with his Biology Study this year. He also did Notgrass American History which included a lot of thoughtful writing so I did not make a big deal of evaluation of this information with him. It seemed to help him along in thinking and writing for the other assignments. We reviewed it verbally.

I used this as a Semester class: 18 weeks. I schedule 4 days a week and Fridays are generally for notebooking, catch-up, personal interest, and writing assignments. This one, however, did not seem to have enough material to go beyond a semester, but too much to fit in the 4 day model. I scheduled it 5 days a week. He really enjoyed this one so there was not complaint 🙂


Don’t Check your Brains at the Door: A Book of Christian Evidences By Josh McDowell & Bob Hostetler  * I have learned that these authors do not always follow a young earth model in their thinking. We used this as food for discussion but you may want to review this book yourself.

It Couldn’t Just Happen: Fascinating Facts about God’s World by Lawrence O. Richards

Origin of Life: Evolution – Creation by Richard B. Bliss, Gary E. Parker, Duane T Gish (I had a hard time locating this book so it must be out of print? here is the ISBN if you wish to find this one: 0-89051-053-9)

Origins: Creation or Evolution by Richard B. Bliss

Sophie’s Word by Jostein Gaarder

philosophy 1philosophy 2philosophy 3philosophy 5Philosophy 4

Introduction to Philosophy downloadable schedule

DISCLAIMER: I make no guarantees of any grade level or credits as compared to any accredited school or published curriculum.






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